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Corporate Giveaways with Quicker Turnaround Times?

Tokens and giveaways are always little knick-knacks that people love to have, but unbeknownst to many, these little souvenirs actually give brands a top-of-mind favor in return. Be it, tote bags or tee shirts, we specialize in custom Stitches and Embroidery in Los Angeles, California that can help give your business a boost. The Los Angeles Fashion District is home to all sorts of … Continue reading

Getting the Right Material and Print

What makes all the difference Getting your items embroidered and crafted with NINJA Stitch can give you back your money’s worth, and even more. Our skilled ninjas handle different types of materials that can be embroidered or screen printed with your own designs and/or logos, or you can also work with our team to get you … Continue reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Printed Shirts as Work Uniform

Deciding a company uniform can be tough. You need to factor in the nature of your business and the kind of image you would like to portray to your clients. Well, if you’re on a budget but still want to impress customers, NINJA Stitch offers you an alternative, printed T-shirts! Printed T-shirts make as a … Continue reading

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6 Benefits of Having Embroidered Logos for Your Company Uniform

Do printed shirts feel a bit bland to you as an option for a work uniform? Why not step it up by having the logo of your brand embroidered on the apparel instead. Not only will this look a lot more formal, but it will also give a… Good first impression When you’re running a … Continue reading

4 Key Benefits of Having Your Company Logo Embroidered on Your Uniform

Are you thinking about designing brand new uniforms for your company? Do you want your current uniforms redone? If you haven’t done so before, you should consider adding your company’s name and/or logo to your employee uniforms. NINJA Stitch, an expert in stitches and embroidery in Los Angeles, California, can meet all of your custom … Continue reading

Making Gifts Extra Special: The 4 Benefits of Personalized Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift? Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a corporate party, or some other occasion, NINJA Stitch offers a variety of products that you can choose from! We are well-known for our creative custom embroidery and high-quality products. We specialize in embroidering clothing, baseball caps, headbands, tote-bags, hoodies, flip … Continue reading