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Hanging Displays

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When most people hear hanging displays, they think of the wall hangings one commonly finds in houses. However, promotional hanging displays are a slightly different matter. Here’s a little bit of rudimentary information about the hanging displays we create here at NinjaStitch.

Promotional Hanging Displays

Promotional hanging displays entail one of the vastest categories of promotional products and can range from signposts to complete wall coverings. Similarly, their purposes are equally vast.

However, in its simplest terms, promotional wall hangings are any display associated with an organization that hangs off a wall with the purpose of helping their bottom line, whether that be indoor or outdoor.

Some Hanging Displays that NinjaStitch Creates

1- Announcement Posters

These are usually cheap and replaceable signs hung up inside a retail store. Their primary purpose is usually to promote sales, identify new products, and generally draw user attention.

2- Branded Signposts

Signposts are usually fixtures of larger retail stores and malls and aim to help users find products. Branded signposts, however, also advertise certain sponsors.

3- Store signs

These are the massive signs you usually find outside buildings identifying the organization that owns said building or operates within its premises. They do not contain much information outside of logos, names, and occasionally tag lines.

4- Billboard Advertisements

These are banners mounted on rented or owned billboards to advertise products and services and raise brand awareness. These banners are the most expensive type of promotional strategy you can employ.

So, if you think that your business needs one of these hanging displays, get in touch with NinjaStitch, and we’ll hook you up with the best custom embroidery in Los Angeles.