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Mesh Banners

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Mesh banners are quite similar to vinyl banners since they also use a PVC-based material, PVC mesh gauze. However, they use a mesh pattern made using darker and lighter colors of the material while allowing wind to pass through them.

Due to this unique make-up, they are often hung on chain-linked fences or alternatively using grommets or pole pockets – without fear of structural collapse or tearing due to strong winds. Here is what you need to know about our mesh banners.

Where To Use Mesh Banners?

Due to their unique look, mesh banners are a common sight at sporting tournaments and venues, where they provide an excellent advertising opportunity, especially for sportswear.

Advantages Of Mesh Banners

  • Great tools for windy locations
  • They fulfill your significant signage needs, especially since you can incorporate them into fences
  • Since they use the digital printing method, the output is clear and professional-looking
  • They are even more durable than vinyl banners

Verdict On Mesh vs. Vinyl

Vinyl is generally less expensive with a beautiful ink finish and should be used for shorter time-sensitive projects in advertising. However, for long-term outdoor signs or signs that customers will inspect and read, the mesh offers consistency and durability. Anyways, it doesn’t matter which banner you’re looking for. NinjaStitch is one of the only custom embroidery companies in Los Angeles that are equipped to deal with both.