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Rigid Signs & Magnets

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NinjaStich prides itself on the quality and variety of our products. In fact, we have a whole array of promotional and non-promotional products outside of our renowned banners and displays – which includes rigid signs and smaller tokens like magnets.

What Are Rigid Signs?

Rigid signs are the commonly seen flat, durable signs found on the walls of restaurants, in law offices, around construction projects, and on-road signs.

Some Examples of Rigid Signs

1 – Branded Signposts

Signposts are usually fixtures of larger retail stores and malls and aim to help users find products. Branded signposts, however, also advertise certain sponsors.

2 – Store Signs

These are the massive signs you usually find outside buildings identifying the organization that owns said building or operates within its premises. They do not contain much information outside of logos, names, and occasionally tag lines.

3 – Home Decorations

These can be personalized plates with special messages engraved on them for decorative purposes.

4 – Road Signs

Such signposts are possibly the most commonplace rigid signs. These signs simply identify the distance to and location of different destinations and are a staple world over. For instance, we couldn’t even guess the number of them from Melrose Avenue to Sunset Boulevard.

Other promotional tokens we sell include the following,

  1. Lanyards, badges, ribbons, and pins.
  2. Tote bags with your logo and message
  3. Posters of your brand ambassador if you have one
  4. Engraved pens
  5. Customized journals
  6. Customizable magnets

You can get all this and more at our local NinjaStitch showroom. Or you could place an order through a representative if you find that easier.