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Tension Fabric


With tension fabrics (also called laminated fabrics) and their displays taking the advertising industry by storm recently, companies like NinjaStitch have rushed to provide customers with these incredibly sought-after displays. This state of affairs is especially evident in Los Angles, with the rollout of new promotional material every other month when a new blockbuster hits the screens.

What Is Tension Fabric?

The term itself is explains everything you need to know in this regard – it is essentially a fabric we apply pressure to by stretching it over a rigid frame.

What Materials Do Tension Fabrics Contain?

These usually contain some percentage of a polyester scrim reinforcement which the creators crush between two layers of unsupported PVC film.  Alternatively, it can also simply be two or more layers of fabric or film joined by heat, pressure, and an adhesive to form a sort of single-ply product.

What to consider when picking a tension fiber?

1- Tensile Strength

Tensile strength refers to how strong the fiber itself is, as in how much pressure it can take.

2- Tear Strength

This is the amount of strength it takes to cause the resulting fabric to tear.

3- Adhesion Strength

Adhesion refers to the strength of the bonding between the layers of material.

4- Flame Retardancy

This property refers to the amount of heat the product can withstand before damage takes place.

5- Flexibility

Flexibility refers to how easily foldable it is and how easily the fabric covers the frame.

Keeping all this in mind can, however, be a chore, and that is why NinjaStitch has on-call representatives to help you with the process of picking out the ideal fabrics for a banner exactly like the one you envision.