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Table Throw

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If you aren’t familiar with customizing table throws, that’s a real thing. You’re mostly going to see customized table cloths with company logos at restaurants and some high-end hotels. If you’re looking to create some of your own customized table throws, you’re at just the right place. Heres’ everything you need to know about getting your unique table throws made with NinjaStitch.

Why Are Table Throws Used?

While being used primarily for decorative purposes, tablecloths also protect the table from scratches and stains. This is especially the case with table throw spread on a dining table before laying out tableware and food. You might even consider table mats and coasters to be tiny table throws. Another similar variation is the table runner. Some people even use them as a decorative item on the bed or sofa or if size permits.

Why Should You Buy Our Customized Tablecloth?

Our customized table cloths are perfect for anyone with irregular table sizes or uncommon interior design, making it difficult for them to find an affordable, aesthetically pleasing table throw. In fact, you might be genuinely surprised to hear how cheap the customizing process can be. This is mainly due to your ability to choose the type of cloth that the cover will be made of.

Not to mention the tablecloth of your design will be much closer to what you envision while helping you save time by not having to hunt down anything even remotely close.

What Does A Customized Tablecloth Look Like?

Customizing your table cloth might be a simple case of picking a color and identifying a size, or depending on your preference, it could include your very own design and choice of fabric. It is simply a matter of what you deem important and your imaginative capability.

Also, for those of us not artistically inclined, you can simply pick a design from the internet or a template from the company making the table provided it fits. Whatever your custom design looks like, NinjaStitched is equipped to handle it. Give us a call and have the best custom embroidery providers in Los Angeles creating your tablecloth today.