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Reflective Products

Ninja Stitch Reflective Products Web Banners

At NinjaStitch, our products not only excel at fulfilling their key functionality but also make a statement. The perfect example of this philosophy is our reflective products collection.

What Does Our Reflective Products Collection Contain?

This collection contains all the products in our catalogue, ranging from decorative items and promotional tokens to accessories and clothes. This collection carries both old favorites and brand-new releases.

Some Highlights of Our Collection

Promotional Sunglasses

Corporate gifts have many different purposes, but rarely, if ever, do they come in the form of customizable branded sunglasses. This token is the ideal product to give to employees to boost morale or give thanks at a celebratory occasion. Not to mention, these trendy sunglasses are an excellent way to beat the LA sun.

Reflective Signposts:

With the number of banners and signposts available in our overall catalogue, it takes something truly special to stand out, and this reflective signpost is exactly this. This product is the perfect and electricity-efficient way to help employees and clients make their way around your building in case of an electricity outage.

Decorative Mirrors

These mirrors are just the item your office building needs to give it that sleek modern look. Not to mention you can have it cut to whatever shape you prefer.

Translucent Display Signs

These signs, like the reflective signposts, is a real standout. They are multipurpose accessories and can be used for highlighting company locations to promote the company mission, all while providing employees and visitors alike with an aesthetically pleasing display.

And these are just a few of the outstanding products on offer in NinjaStitch’s one of a kind catalogue.