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Signicade A-Frame

Ninja Stitch Signicade A-Frame Web Banners

What is Signicade?

Signicade is an all-plastic heavy-duty sign stand or frame. In terms of promotion, these are used by applying Vinyl signs directly to the sign face. They can hold an estimated two 24-inch x 36-inch signs.

How Is The Signicade A-Frame Different From Your Regular A-Frame Banner?

While they both have the same primary purpose: retail, sidewalk, and restaurant use, there are a few technical differences. Let’s talk about how NinjaStitch’s regular and signicade A-frame are different from one another.

Regular A-Frame

Also called sandwich boards, these are plastic metal or wooden frames that form an ‘A’ shape on their sides. They can both be single or double-sided, and we usually see them in fundraisers, fairs, sports, and the like due to their portability and collapsibility.

Signicade A-Frame

These are a variation on the original sandwich boards that were built for increased durability and stability. As such, these are the type of A-Frame most commonly used outside unaffected by rain, snow, or any other weather. As a result, they are also heavier than traditional A-Frames.

Why Should You Use Our Signicade Frames Over the Regular?

The question you should be asking is why not use the new and improved variety. Sure it’s a little bit pricier than the original, but not by much, and the advantages that come with it make it more than worth it.

For one, it is essentially waterproof, along with which there is no chance of rusting, splintering, or chipping. This makes it guarantee that your slightly larger investment will pay off with many more years of use.

Moreover, we can design these to allow for additional water or sand to increase stability even more. Essentially, why not take the plunge? So, if you think you need to go the extra mile and use signicade A-frame, give us a call and have the best custom embroidery provider in Los Angeles working for you today!