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Banner Stands

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Banner stands or standing banners are print-out banner graphics that we attach to portable display stands for promotional purposes. Most commonly, organizations employ banner stands for trade shows and events in advertising new products.

As far as the stands are concerned, they can be digital, telescopic (the kind that can adjust in width or height to fit any exhibit space), spring back (also called X-style), pillowcase style, billboard-style, or of the roll-up variety. If you’re looking for any of these banner stands, you’ve found the perfect vendor to help you out. NinjaStitch is providing state-of-the-art banner stand-making service out of our factory in Los Angeles, California.

Why Are Our Banner Stands Ideal For Trade Shows?

Our banner stands are not only highly portable, but they are also easy to set up, quickly made, and inexpensive to ship. Additionally, if you employ telescopic stands, adjusting to space is no longer an issue. Furthermore, most people consider them to be a very professional promotional tool. Therefore, you can use them in numerous different events and environments. For instance, such as meeting rooms, lobbies, trade shows, conferences, and even airports are fair game.

What To Consider When Getting A Banner Stand Made?

The first thing NinjaStitch needs from you is a single focused message. For this, figure out your primary goal, how it will catch your audience’s attention, and devise a relevant call-to-action. Moreover, pick a large easy to read font for this purpose, but do be careful not to overcrowd the banner with text. A maximum of five lines is enough.

Second, we need you to establish the images you are going to use and how you plan to incorporate them with your background and theme. However, make sure the images are related. Along with this, color psychology is another essential part of this, so you should consider that as well. For example, brighter shades lead to more energy and more action from targets. Also, backgrounds have their own rules, such as solid colors work well to promote specific products. Lastly, make sure you use a well-balanced layout. This means prioritizing spacing and placement for logos, the main idea, and the call-to-action we discussed. So, once you have all this information ready, give us a call, and we’ll have your banner stand prepared in just a couple of days!