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Adhesive Products

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When you work in the promotional product game, you don’t just provide your customers with the promotional products – you also have to help them set these products up, or at least that is what we believe at NinjaStitch. It is for this purpose that we turn to adhesives.

What Are Adhesives?

An adhesive is basically any substance that holds two materials together for a specific purpose and can range from tape to cement. They can be in the form of liquids, pastes, film, and pallets.

For our purposes, adhesives are the product we used to hang up and hold together, our promotional banners and displays – which is a key aspect of NinjaStitch’s business, especially considering the amount of promotional material we have to put up in our own LA showroom.

Types of Adhesives & How to Use Them:

Epoxy Adhesives

These adhesives are highly temperature and solvent resistant, which is why they can be structurally bonded to most materials, including but not limited to metals, ceramics, wood, and plastics.

Polyurethane Adhesives

This polymer-based adhesive, unlike the previous ones actually, requires moisture to set. Therefore, we use it for constructions that need high-strength bonding and permanent elasticity. Examples include gorilla glue and cement.

Polyimide Adhesives

These are well-known for their pure strength, heat and chemical resistance, and their continued excellent performance in extremely high temperatures, all of which make them perfect to use for coating or electronic insulation.

So, if you come to NinjaStich with your promotional needs, rest assured we will cater not only to them but also provide you with the perfect adhesive to make it work.