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Step and Repeat Backdrop

Ninja Stitch Step Back and Repeat Backdrop Web Banners

Of all the products available on our website, the step and repeat backdrop is one of the products you probably haven’t heard much about. Let’s briefly talk about what they are and how NinjaStitch can help you out.

What Is A Step And Repeat Banner?

A step and repeat banner, also called a step and repeat wall or press wall, is made up of a repeating pattern of all the numerous sponsors or collaborators of an event. You may have come across this phenomenon on red carpets and various sports and fashion events.

Why Do Major Events Need Step And Repeat Backdrop?

Such banners primarily act as publicity backdrops for event photography while also being used for decoration. They tend to give any occasion a feeling of importance and are a great way to showcase all those that helped bring about your event. They’re practically essential since they’re one of the primary sources of publicity for your sponsors, and the only reason they’re paying you money is for publicity.

How Are They Displayed?

Sporting events have the advantage of more permanent and repeatedly used venues. So the banner may appear as wallpaper or a digital flat-panel display with rotating logos.

It is much more common for red carpets, outdoor events, and conferences to use sturdy pillowcase style stands for the banner allowing for its portability. In these cases, the press wall is often transparent or translucent.

What Do We Need to Create Your Press Wall?

The main requirement would be high-quality logos of all the contributors to the event, along with their names. Additionally, you could add the name of the event and its mission statement to make it unique. In a similar vein, you could develop a color scheme. However, aside from the logos, most organizations will only require a size definition which we’re more than capable of helping you out with. So, if you think that our press walls are what you need to have in your events, give us a call. NinjaStitch is one of the best custom embroidery companies in Los Angeles, California, and we’d like to help you out.