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Vinyl Banners

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When most people think of vinyl, they think of old song records. However, the material itself is plastic, more commonly called PVC (or polyvinyl chloride). PVC is known for being incredibly tough and durable and having the added advantage of flame-retardant properties. Here’s all you need to know about NinjaStitch and our vinyl banners.

What Is A Vinyl Banner?

Our vinyl banners are a practical, affordable, and highly effective tool for outdoor advertising due to their durability. They are must-haves for trade shows, conventions, parades, and political rallies these days.

Types Of Vinyl Printing

1 – Digitally Printed Banners

This method is usually used for very large single banners. These are our best-selling banners and a specialty of ours.

2 – Vinyl Lettered Banners

This is an older method not really in use anymore due to the development of better technology. Consumers, these days, prefer digital banners.

3 – Screen-Printed

Screen-printing is usually reserved for large quantities of the same banner due to cost-effectiveness but is closely matched and even surpassed by digitally printed banners.

4 – Painted

This method includes hand-painted graphics and lettering. Therefore, it is very rare that we get requests for these banners due to the advent of modern printing.

How Much Does It Cost To Print A Vinyl Sign?

The standard for digitally printed banners is $8.00/square foot, so it largely depends on the size of your banner. However, the price could increase based on the number of colors involved as more inks will be involved. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll give you a custom quote courtesy of NinjaStitch.