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Custom Event Tents


Event tents are lightweight canopies that provide shade and protection from the rain during special outdoor events. A common feature of most outdoor events is to contract weather uncertainty – you might have seen one at a wedding or other similar event.

How Can We Customize Event Tents?

Can you even customize tents? That’s a perfectly valid question. Well, we can customize event tents by printing out a design of your choice onto the canopy. For more professional occasions, this might mean displaying some company branding or employing press walls to be the walls of the tent.

What Type Of Tent Is Best For Specific Events?

Pole tents

These are the traditional event tent. These tends are budget-friendly and versatile since they work on most events with grass landscapes like barbeques or other small outdoor gatherings. However, the center poles prevent them from being used in events with a central focus, like weddings.

Frame tents

These tents are great for hosting public gatherings, weddings, and corporate events with a clear and obstructed view from all vantage points.

Marquee Frame tent

These tents are similar to frame tents but have the added advantage of being extensible, meaning that they are perfect for providing cover on building entrances and different walkways.

Concession tents

These are the tents you are most likely familiar with through local events like fairs since they are small easy to install tents, and they are primarily used for outdoor tent functions such as this.

So, if you think that any of these tents are suitable for your businesses, give NinjaStitch a call today. We’re one of the finest names in the world of custom embroidery in Los Angeles and are well equipped to deal with all kinds of custom tent requests.