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Advertising Flags

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A traditional but super-effective way of promotion, advertising flags, also known as business flags, is basically a banner-based method to promote products, services, or events.

Why Are Advertising Flags So Popular?

Why would anyone invest in such an old-school marketing strategy in the day of digital media? Well, it’s pretty simple. Advertising flags are a much more subtle and cheaper method of advertising. They prevent you from looking like you are trying too hard, and they have a proven track record of gaining passive attention. Not to mention, with the prevalence of digital advertisements, most people simply ignore them or are irritated by them.  They are especially useful in smaller settings. For instance, they are ideal when advertising a school/college event, a town fair, or something similar.

Well, if you’re looking for quality advertising flags, NinjaSitch is here to help you out. All of the following types of flags are available at NinjaStitch’s location in Los Angeles, California.

1 – Feather Flags: These are most often used for financial services, car washes, real estate, and more. They are commonly seen in malls and new housing ventures in solid colors. They can, therefore, also be used as decoration.

2 – Teardrop Flags: These vibrant teardrop banners are manufactured from knitted polyester material and are commonly used for store promotions like grand openings, sales, and deals.

3 – Angled Flags: These flags are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. Angled flags have their bottom cut at an angle, hence the name. They are also frequently used in conjunction with events, parades, and markets.

4 – Rectangle Flags: Rectangle flags are the most standard option for promotional banners. As with all the other options, these flags are portable and can be taken to tradeshows, conventions or used at mobile kiosks in outdoor markets.