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Window Cling

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As technology continues to grow, so do advertising techniques, and NinjaStitch commits to growing with the industry. Therefore, we provide our customers with brand new promotional products like window clings and other similar products.

What Is Window Cling?

A static cling decal or window cling is a non-permanent high-quality material printed inside glass windows using static electricity, hence the name.

What Are Window Decals?

Also called vinyl window stickers and window graphics, these are essentially graphics designs stuck on a glass surface using adhesive.

Where Are These Types Of Displays Commonly Seen, And Why?

You have more than likely seen a car window sticker recently, and that is the most common type of window decal/cling. The primary purpose of these products is for product branding while also acting as a decorative tool since the prettier the sticker, the more likely customers are to put it on their cars, and the more likely your brand awareness is to increase even outside of Los Angles.

Window Decals Vs Window Clings

Both of these options provide organizations with a great way to utilize window space as a temporary retail signage area. Not to mention both these have easily accessible resources such as NinjaStitch and look fantastic.

However, aside from the use of adhesive, as discussed previously, what makes it different? Well, this actually forms the basis that allows decals to be comparatively longer-lasting signs (they are also entirely water and sunlight resistant) than simple static clings, which is why we can use them in and outdoors. They are, however, not repositionable and leave a residue behind when taken off.

Thus, it is fair to say that window clings have a small advantage since they can be removed and installed multiple times without issue. Though this too has a disadvantage, due to window clings being easy to remove, they can be at risk of vandalism. So, in conclusion, make your choice based on the time you want to keep the display up for and the position that you want to display it in to get the most effective output.

So, having accounted for your requirements, NinjaStitch is just the place to order your very own customizable window clings and decals.