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A-Frame Banner

Ninja Stitch A-Frame Web Banners


A-Frame banners, also called sandwich boards, refer to the custom-made banners on display using sturdy frames that form an ‘A’ shape on their sides. Such banners can both be single or double-sided (providing users with multiple panels to display their message) and are usually seen on sidewalks for fundraisers, fairs, sports, and the like due to their portability and collapsibility. Let’s talk a bit more about A-frame banners and how NinjaStitch can help you in your pursuit for quality banners.

What Type Of Frames Can We Use For A-Frame Banners?

Since most people primarily use A-Frame banners outdoors, the type of stand you use essentially just depends on the weather in your locality. For instance, if your weather is super windy, you can’t use a lightweight banner in a place like this. You’ll have to invest in a bit of a heavier frame. If your main interest is the sign’s portability and the wind isn’t a major concern, there is no reason to invest in a heavier frame. With that said, these frames usually use metal or a sturdy type of plastic.

What Size Are A-Frame Banners?

As we mostly use these on sidewalks or next to shops they are advertising, A-Frame banners are on the smaller side of promotional products. This is because we don’t want to annoy potential customers or violate any rules and have your banners removed by the relevant authorities. Therefore, your banner should approximately have a standard frame of 2000mm x 1000mm.

Are A-Frame Banners Effective?

Very. Customers have reported that the A-Frame banners from NinjaStitch are highly affecting at attracting customers.  The greatest value of sandwich boards comes from their ability to draw in impulse buyers. This is due to their use in displaying specials and promotional announcements at the point of business. Restaurants often employ A-Frame banners with changeable panels to advertise their daily specials, highlighting another advantage of these banners – their flexibility.

Additionally, they are highly effective for directing people to hard-to-find locations and have already discussed how portable they are. Not to mention, they are quite affordable for most. So, give us a call today and have NinjaStitch create your A-Frame banners today!