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Five Tips to Make Your Bar Mitzvah’s Screen-Print Hoodies Look AMAZING!

Five Tips to Make Your Bar Mitzvah’s Screen-Print Hoodies Look AMAZING!

Choosing the right textile printing company is not only important for quality control but also to ensure your screen-printed Bar Mitzvah hoodies look amazing. Any textile printing company can make a Bar Mitzvah’s screen-printed hoodies but only the best could make them look AMAZING! At Ninja Stitch, our team of ninjas can assist you with creating your screen-printed hoodies for your Bar Mitzvah. From the initial design all the way to the final product, at Ninja Stitch, we can provide high-quality screen-printing results. In this article, we share some information about five tips to make your Bar Mitzvah screen-printed hoodies look AMAZING.

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Make your hoodie design stand out with color 

Extensive research has shown that using bright colors attracts more attention than using muted tones like black, white, gray, and brown. Therefore when designing your screen-printed Bar Mitzvah hoodies, it is best to use vibrant color combinations with contrasting elements like shapes, textures, and patterns to make the print stand out from a distance. Use contrasting patterns within the same color family as well as different colors for each pattern or element in order to create a visually appealing look! This will increase the chances of your screen-printed hoodies being noticed.

Create layers to build the design’s complexity

When designing your Bar Mitzvah’s screen-print hoodies, it is best to use different layers of elements so each part stands out on its own. For example, you can use small shapes in one area and larger shapes in another area. This will not only create more visual interest but also make the print more complex giving it a sense of depth and attractiveness! Adding this element of layering will result in AMAZING results that everyone would love to wear at your Bar Mitzvah celebration!

Use negative space wisely

Mastering the skill of using negative space effectively is important for creating graphic designs. Negative space refers to the amount of space between design elements as well as the space that surrounds them. In other words, this refers to the area that is not occupied by elements but rather balanced evenly throughout the graphic! The more you use negative space, the more effective it becomes at adding a sense of balance which will ultimately make your Bar Mitzvah screen-printed hoodies look AMAZING!

Design for multiple sizes

Instead of creating one large hoodie design that everyone in your Bar Mitzvah celebration would wear (like making everyone wear an XXL or XXXXL for instance), you should consider using smaller designs on each individual size group. When doing so, each person can carry their own personalized design instead of wearing one generic print like always. This will not only result in a more personalized design but also make the whole process much easier and faster for your screen-printing company.

Make it personal

Last but not least, when designing and printing your Bar Mitzvah’s screen-printed hoodies, try to add elements that remind people about you or the celebrant! Using design elements that represent your interests, hobbies, or passions can turn ordinary designs into extraordinary works of art that customers would love to wear.

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