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Fabric Banners


Fabric banners are, no doubt, what comes to mind when most of us think of promotional banners. However, their position as the traditional choice has not had an impact on their popularity at all. For instance, here in Los Angles, with its comparatively hotter temperatures, seasonal changes seem to be marked by a changing of fabric banners rather than the color of the leaves.

What Is A Fabric Banner?

A fabric banner is any promotional banner using nylon, polyester, satin, or any other similar synthetic fibers as its canvas.

When To Use Fabric Banners?

Fabric banners, while eye-catching, are usually set up indoors due to their reduced durability. These banners are therefore ideal for advertising your products and brand at events and exhibitions.

The primary purpose of fabric banners is to promote businesses, advertise in-store displays, and often they fulfil a more permanent role. For example, they can ask people to cheer for local sports teams, celebrate the histories of educational institutions, or identify the rules of an organization.

Fabric Banners Vs Vinyl Banners:

As a rule, fabric banners are not suitable for long-term outdoor use. Whereas vinyl is more durable, and its colors are less likely to fade.

However, the fabric is more cost-effective to transport because it can be folded and occupies less space. This limited space also makes it easier to store than vinyl rolls, which take up more space to prevent them from creasing. Because of this, vinyl banners are also more expensive to transport compared to fabric.

Nevertheless, fabric banners are more easily recyclable, so they are used quite often regardless of their issues. Though, occasionally vinyl banners can prove to be the cheaper option as compared to fabric.

How Much Does A Fabric Banner Cost To Get Made?

The market price for a 36 x72 inch banner is approximately $155, which you can use to figure out how much it’s going to cost you.

However, when it comes to product prices, it is always better to talk to an expert. As such, we provide our customers with easily accessible NinjaStitch representatives who can give you just the estimates you need.