Your logo on the right product is like marketing magic.

Standing Displays

Ninja Stitch Standing Display Web Banners

Also called display stands or Free-standing display units, these are among the most commonly seen and difficult to make promotional products. Standing displays are standalone off-shelf displays for a particular product, the frame of which advertisers decorate entirely using products branding, i.e., its logo, color scheme, etc.

FSDUs are lightweight yet have the structural integrity to carry weight. Made from a single material, they can easily be recycled after use. Here’s why you should use NinjaStitch to get custom standing displays.

Why Use Our Free-Standing Display Units?

We design Free-standing display units or FSDUs to increase product visibility and maximize brand impact at the point of purchase by influencing consumer buying patterns. This is simply done by creating an eye-catching design and separating the product from others of its kind to give it an aura of importance.

Its effectiveness can be seen in the amounts charged by major retailers to use these stands in their stores and the number of brands willing to pay.

What Kind Of Companies Should Use These Display Units?

As is probably evident by now, these are most commonly available in larger retail stores. The smaller variety of such stands is a checkout counter staple, usually advertising candy, and the largest can play host to anything from cartons of milk to athletic footwear.

What Do We Need to Create Your Stands?

Our main requirement would be high-quality logos of the organization, along with its name, motto, and color scheme. We will also need similar information for the product itself if it differs extensively from the core branding. Lastly, we would require you to provide a rough size estimate. However, if you have a particular design or model in mind, we would implement it accordingly. So, if you feel like your business needs an FSDU, give us a call, and we’ll help you create the best standing display in Los Angeles, California.