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Our Process

Step 1: Artwork & Design

During the first stage of the embroidery process, our Ato Ninjas work in creating innovative custom designs to fit your needs. You can always upload your own design if you already have one. Don’t worry, our Ato Ninjas won’t be offended. The artwork is sized to fit the desired garment where the client is then contacted to finalize the design size, colors, and overall appearance.

In the design process you can always upload your own design if you already have one. Please approve all spelling, grammar, copy & print locations. Sizing and placement, of artwork approximate. Ninja Stitch is not responsible for errors once artwork has been approved.

Step 2: Digitizing

Once the artwork has been designed and approved by the client, it is then digitized by our Digi Ninjas to convert the artwork into stitches or thread. The Digi Ninjas recreate the artwork using stitches by programming the sewing the specific design with a particular type of stitch.

In the digitizing process your input on the type of stitching and threading is important to us.

Step 3: Production

Once the digitized sample has been approved by the client, the design is put through the production process by our Rodo Ninjas and Machi Ninjas. The desired colors are loaded by the Rodo Ninjas into the machines. The machine is then managed by the Machi Ninjas to sew the design in the given color sequence and a particular sewing speed. The garments are then hooped individually by hand and then loaded into the machine. Once the machine has completed the design, the garments are unhooped.
In the production process your approval of the digitized and or physical sample is needed before we get stitching. All embroidered items have a backing on them for the embroidery to hold to the apparel. 

Step 4: Finishing Touches

When the machine has completed sewing the design on the garments, our meticulous Saibu Ninjas inspect the garments for quality, individually trim of excess backing material and excess threads, and folded and packaged ready for shipping.
In this final process, you have the option to pick up your order or have us deliver to you. LA and Orange County deliveries are always free!