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We make quality embroidery, one order at a time.

The Ninja Mission
To provide leading initiative with our Ninja resources to fully assist you in all your embroidery needs for all apparel and promotional goods. Outfit your dream with custom imprints from us.

Here at NINJA Stitch, we work with many other companies to provide a variety of apparel in a myriad of colors with numerous selections of fabrics and materials from an abundance of brands and labels. However, if you have something specific in mind, we can administer the same services with products you provide for us. Outfit your dream with custom emblems or patches from us.
Get quality stitches and embroidery in Los Angeles, California with our hardworking ninjas!

The Ninjas at Your Service

Toku Ninja – Information
Kaiwa Ninja – Quote Adjuster
Mitsu Ninja – Office Appointments and Shipping

Ato Ninja – Graphic Designers
Digi Ninja – Digitizers & Programmers

Rodo Ninja – Thread & Color Operators
Machi Ninja – Machine Operators
Saibu Ninja – Quality Control

For inquiries, our Toku ninja accommodates you when you contact us at 323-365-6866.