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How much does DTG printing Cost? What does it include?

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DTG printing is on trend right now, and people are trying the latest designs that make their outfits look cool and classy. But what are the other reasons that are making this printing service the most recommended one – Yes, it’s the price that has surprised everyone and is helping the service providers fulfill the long pending desires of their clients. Now, the question is – How much does DTG printing Cost?

We can count the cost with the help of several factors that collectively indicate how much we have to pay for the service. Even if we get the exact ratio, it is not an expensive affair, but you can easily afford the products that have DTG prints on them. So, let’s find out what factors help in calculating the exact amount for the DTG printing service.

What is included in the cost of the DTG printing service?

We start with several factors, and they all play a very important role in counting the charges for the DTG printing service. Let us start with the list:

1. Cost of the ink used in the printing service:

The DTG printing needs ink to print the image on the base. As people have been looking for the best quality services, this indicates that you have to use high-quality ink that lasts for a much longer time and gives a clean shade. But, you may be wondering why there is fluctuation in the price list of different sources available on the internet – It is all because some try to be simple, but some like to experiment with the customization of the product. This shows that price varies with the use of the printer that takes ink as the source to draw.

2. Size of the print

The size matters here because if you are involving a large space, it means that the printing space is big and needs a good amount of ink to get it done. So, if you have a small shirt to print, the charges will be lower, and on the other hand, if the shirt is large, the price will be slightly higher. It all depends on the needs of the customer. However, there is one thing to mention, if you need the prices to be cost-effective for you, place a bulk order. In that way, you can save a good amount without worrying about the hole in your pocket.

3. The type of fabric you choose:

Well, the DTG printing can be done on almost all the known fabrics, but there is a slight change in this setting. Some fabrics need to be treated with a particular liquid to help the fabric hold the ink. You can take the example of silk fabric, which is very delicate, and to make sure that it will hold the ink, you need to use a pre-treatment liquid first. In addition, the pretreatment spray also contributes to the color correction system. If you want a dark red shade and you know that the fabric may not give you the same color, you can use the liquid first. Thus, the pricing depends on the fabric you choose. If the service provider has to directly print on the fabric without the treatment, the charges would be lower, otherwise, there is a slight rise in the total cost.

4. Price per piece

If you want a cost-effective factor to help you save money, you must order in bulk. If you are going to order one piece, it will be expensive when compared with a bulk order. On the other hand, you do not have to order again and again and wait for every single piece to reach you. You check out the order and then try placing a single order for all, and you will find the change in the price.

What are the advantages of the best DTG printing company?

There are several advantages to hiring the best DTG printing company, and they are:

  1. You will get good-quality apparel that is printed efficiently and just according to the client’s requirements.
  2. You do not have to worry about the price because the best printing companies make sure that they offer their products at the best rates, matching perfectly with the budgets of their clients.
  3. The best thing about placing an order with the top companies is that your order stays safe with them till they deliver it to your doorstep. Their team makes sure that the courier is in safe hands.


Thus, we can conclude here with the fact that if you want to know the actual cost of your DTG printing service, you can call the company and ask them directly. They will provide you with a detailed cost list to know whether it covers your budget or not,

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide which company provides the best DTG printing service?

You can try using the internet to shortlist the top names in the industry and ask them about their price and quality before selecting one.

Can you easily afford DTG print apparel?

Yes, you can afford these products, and to save money, plan a bulk order and enjoy the services with several perks.

Where can you find the top companies for DTG printing?

You can try word of mouth or use a search engine to find the top names in the list, like Ninjastich.

What are the benefits of hiring Ninjastich?

The major benefit of hiring Ninjastich is that they offer you unmatched quality with an exclusive price range that is hard to compare with others. Ninjastioch has the aim of helping people follow the latest trends in this style of printing. Their team works relentlessly to provide the latest designs with DTG prints and ensure that they last more than their expectations.

Moreover, they have high customer satisfaction results, and they use the latest printers that never make mistakes. Their work is the best example of why quality should be chosen over quantity. To see their work, connect now and be a part of this trend.