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Promotional Apparels That Works with College Students

Promotional Apparels That Works with College Students

Is your business catering to college students or young people in general? Then you have to find the right marketing materials that will appeal to them. College students in Downtown Los Angeles don’t have that much cash to spend. Thus, a freebie that they can use in their daily life is much preferable as promotional material. A perfect item for your promotional strategy then is apparels. With apparels, college students can wear them around the campus, which then converts to free advertising for you.

Give a nice touch to apparels by embedding your business name on them via embroidery in Los Angeles. Embroideries can be made on a wide variety of apparel these days. Here are some apparels you can embroider on as well as use as a promotional product.

  • Windbreakers

    Having a windbreaker is a must-have for college students. They spend most of their time outdoors, after all. They need to protect themselves from the wind or the cold as they walk to the library or meet up with friends in DLTA. The windbreaker is especially useful during the winter months. This lightweight jacket is useful in advertising your company during the cold season.

  • Cotton T-shirts

    You have promotional apparel for the winter months with the windbreaker. You need another one for the summer season. Thus, you better order a fast embroidery in Los Angeles for cotton shirts. Cotton has optimal absorption capabilities for sweat and moisture. With that ability, cotton is the best shirt material for the hot days of summer.

  • Beanies

    Ordinary beanies are sold almost everywhere, especially in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Upon observation, college students commonly wear beanies too. It seems that a beanie is a must-have item in a student’s wardrobe. Giving away beanies with your company branding is a good marketing strategy, considering that students wear this item often.

  • Caps

    Of course, some college students don’t wear beanies. Instead, they opt to wear caps. Caps with logos of baseball or basketball team are popular with these students. Branding caps with a Los Angeles embroidery of your company name and using them as promotional material will definitely be a hit.

  • Hoodies

    This apparel may be a bit expensive. Despite that, it is acceptable to invest in this item as young people love hoodies. The comfy sweatshirt with a hood can be worn in their dorms or even inside the classroom. Every time a student wears the branded hoodie, people who can see it will have a stronger perception of your company’s existence.

NINJA Stitch can offer other ideas on what other promotional apparels you can brand. You can then use these for your various marketing strategies. If you have other ideas as well, do share it with us! We’d love to hear your ideas too!