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Your Guide to Beginner Embroidery

Your Guide to Beginner Embroidery

What embroidery stitches does every beginner embroiderer need to know about? There are more than ten of them, but we’ll start you off with the five most basic on the list.

Any of these stitches could be your favorite, not only because they’re the easiest to do, but because they are practical and decorative as well. Start laying the foundations of your stitch knowledge today.

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  • Backstitch
    Let’s start you off with the backstitch, which is perhaps the most useful when it comes to learning embroidery. You’re basically able to make anything using this stitch. You can use it to make monograms, outlines, and simple designs. Plus, not only is the backstitch easy to learn, it’s an amazing confidence booster for any beginner out there.
  • Straight stitch
    Very similar to the backstitch, the straight stitch serves as one of the foundations of embroidery and is arguably the easiest to do. It basically allows you to create flowers, stars, and more simple designs in any direction, from a single stitch.
  • Seed Stitch
    This type of stitch is characterized by a slew of randomly-directed, isolated straight stitches and backstitches that are spaced according to your goal or the design you wish to achieve. This would be the ideal stitch to use for expansive fabrics and garments. You can also create darker patches by sewing stitches more closely or spacing smaller ones farther apart.
  • Running Stitch
    Resembling a dashed line, the running stitch serves as the perfect decorative border. One of the best things about it is that it makes for a great foundation for adding other stitches onto. Running stitches are either small or bigger stitches of equal length, spaced equally apart.
  • Lazy Daisy or Detached Chain Stitch
    You can create a lot of fun designs with this stitch because of its “petal” or “leaf-shaped” attribute. If you plan on giving your designs a floral or botanical touch then the detached chain stitch would be perfect.

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