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Corporate Giveaways

Corporate Giveaways with Quicker Turnaround Times?

Corporate Giveaways with Quicker Turnaround Times?

Tokens and giveaways are always little knick-knacks that people love to have, but unbeknownst to many, these little souvenirs actually give brands a top-of-mind favor in return. Be it, tote bags or tee shirts, we specialize in custom Stitches and Embroidery in Los Angeles, California that can help give your business a boost.

The Los Angeles Fashion District is home to all sorts of everything colorful in fabrics and designs. People come and go to shop, transact, or get inspiration for their next projects.

What benefits can you get from choosing a reliable supplier?

  • Solid craftsmanship

    When you acquire Screen Printing Services in California, you would expect to get quality work that will reflect on your designs or logos, but without anything solid to bank on, your investment can go to waste when your logos easily wear off from your chosen material and if your t-shirts are anything but durable. Doing a little research on the product outputs of your chosen supplier can help give you an idea on whether to give their services a go or no-go.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    Considering different factors will come into play like material availability and client approvals, you should feel safe and have a worry-free transaction with your chosen provider when it comes to your orders and getting in touch with them, even if unavoidable delays take place. A reliable supplier should be able to give you all that and more plus quality work that speaks of their workmanship, be it in DTLA or anywhere else.

Our established relationship with different companies and providers here in and beyond Downtown Los Angeles allows us to accommodate client orders with quicker turnaround times with our great team of ninjas. For small orders, we may be able to provide a 2-day turnaround time for your needed items. For larger orders, you may be able to get a one-week turnaround time if all preferred materials are ready and available to source with an ample lead time to work on the order placed.

NINJA Stitch provides Custom Embroidery in downtown Los Angeles. If you have an upcoming project, big or small, dial 323-365-6866 to get started with your design and material options.