Your logo on the right product is like marketing magic.

Right Material and Print

Getting the Right Material and Print


What makes all the difference

Getting your items embroidered and crafted with NINJA Stitch can give you back your money’s worth, and even more. Our skilled ninjas handle different types of materials that can be embroidered or screen printed with your own designs and/or logos, or you can also work with our team to get you one as soon as possible.

Items that need specific kinds of Stitches and Embroidery in Los Angeles, California can be accommodated since we specialize in the following materials:

Apparel/Clothing for Custom Embroidery

  • Headwear: Caps, hats, beanies, and bandanas.

  • Upper wear: Halter-tops, camisoles, company shirts, golf shirts, and most tops.

  • Bottom wear: Pants, sweat pants, yoga pants, and most bottom wears.

  • Other fabrics: Towels, tote bags, hoodies, jackets, and more.

We also cater in making your logos into design patches that can readily be added to your chosen fabric or material so you and your team, or family, can have that one specially-designed trademark to your liking.

Shirts made to order through our Screen Printing Services in California are made with the finest plastisol inks, so your designs and logos stay longer on your shirt even after multiple washes. Getting your shirt design or logo to stay on can also speak of your brand’s service quality when your employees wear quality materials and prints.

Know more about our full-screen printing process in DTLA to get started with your projects.

Putting a limit on items that can be embroidered is a thing of the past. We always work on bringing wider and more inclusive clothing and material options to work with so all our clients can get exactly what they need here at the Los Angeles Fashion District. Working with different companies and our great team of ninjas only makes our outputs better so you can wear our passion and joy wherever you may go, because getting the right print and material makes all the difference.

Need something done the NINJA Stitch way? Click and share the link to hook up your team or crew with new threads that speak of their brand and culture. Visit us in Downtown Los Angeles.