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Custom Promotional Sunglasses: Why Your Company Should Use Them to Market Itself

Custom Promotional Sunglasses: Why Your Company Should Use Them to Market Itself

Promotional sunglasses are a great promotional tool for any company, big or small. They’re affordable, useful, and likely to be used by your target market on a daily basis. That’s right, custom promotional sunglasses can be a great addition to a marketing campaign for companies of all sizes and at Ninja Stitch, we can help you design and create yours! Here are some reasons why you should consider using promotional sunglasses in your next advertising campaign.

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Sunglasses Are Used Daily

Whether you have 10 employees or 100 thousand, chances are if they live anywhere on planet earth their morning commute will include them wearing the same pair of glasses every day. This means that when people go on walks around town, take public transport or even leave the house, they are sure to have these promotional sunglasses with them. As a result, you’re advertising will be seen by hundreds of people every day.

Promotional Sunglasses Are Affordable

Compared to many other types of promotional items that companies offer, custom promotional sunglasses are extremely affordable. When you factor in that your ad will be shown around 300 times per month, it becomes obvious how much bang you can get for your buck. Why not take advantage?

Sunglasses Are Useful

Good quality sunglasses are often expensive, so when someone buys a new pair they expect to use them regularly for years or even decades. This means if you give someone a pair of branded sunglasses as part of an advertising campaign you’ll likely see your brand associated with them for a long time. As such, the usefulness of custom promotional sunglasses is one of their biggest selling points.

Custom Sunglasses Showcase Your Brand

Promotional sunglasses are almost always transparent with tinted lenses, which means that they’re ideal for showcasing your logo. If you’ve ever tried to put a thin piece of paper in front of someone’s face then you probably know how effective it is at obscuring the information on it. Custom branded sunglasses can be held up close to someone’s eyes without hiding your ad, however. This makes them an easy way to get your brand in front of many people every day, without any effort required on their part.

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