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Large Format Printing Beverly Hills

Large Format Printing

Large format printing has seen steady growth since its creation in the early 90’s. Also known as wide-format or grand format printing, where prints are a minimum of 24” wide, large format printing in some studies has shown to be economically out-pacing oversized LED screens in the past couple of years. With the introduction of new technologies in large format printing the industry can now support more than just banner making, but has moved into vehicle wraps and decor.

As the industry advances, turnaround speeds have increased, costs have gone down, but the quality and detail that can now be achieved is tremendous. The only limits are the limits of your imagination. With they have some of the best large-scale printing in California. guides you through their quick 4 step process. First they go over the primary question of artwork and design.

Then they put their Ato Ninjas to work creating one of a kind custom designs to fit the customers desires. Ninjastitch creates most things digitally and also accepts your personal design if that’s what the customer wishes. They then properly size your chosen design to scale on any product. The beautiful thing is that the customer gets the final approval on all choices, from size, to color, and overall appearance.

Next, Ninjastitch takes the chosen artwork through the digitization process. By converting the artwork into a digital file they can then program their sewing machines to create the specified design. This process also allows the customer to easily access the artwork during the creation process.

In relation to large scale formatting, Ninjastitch can accommodate your business needs. Ranging from advertising flags for your beachside business, banner stands for your food truck and real estate products for the aggressive real estate agent out there ninjastitch can meet your every demand. They’re also capable of handling A-frame banners, hanging, displays, standing displays, signicade A frames, and trade show events.

Large format printing and technological growth has led to a growing demand for this industry and with the necessity of creating custom pieces of work, it only makes sense to check out