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Los Angeles

Sports Team Embroidery Los Angeles

Sports Team Embroidery Los Angeles


In today’s day and age, more and more people are starting up and participating in sports leagues. From basketball to ultimate frisbee, or even disc golf, leagues are popping up across the nation. Stand out from the other teams with custom embroidery from NinjaStitch. Whether it’s custom sponsorship patches, or complete t-shirt design ninja stitch has you covered.

Having participated in competitive traveling men’s softball, I can personally attest to how big the discussion can become around the seasonal uniform. Competitive teams are always on the prowl for potential sponsorships. A buzz is generated in a complex when a great looking team ( uniform design ) walks through the area. “ Look good, play good “ the old adage holds weight in many competitive sports and NinjaStitch can help with that.

Ninjastitch can embroider any logo, name, or character onto your uniforms. Ensure that sponsorships pop on the uniform in any sport. They can also add stitching to your travel bags, towels, shoes, the sky’s the limit. With summer almost in full swing now is the time to get your team’s uniform needs met. No one wants to be the team heading to their first tournament and not have their uniforms in hand.

Potential sponsors of teams look for competitive teams that get the most eye’s on them at the biggest tournaments around the country. Having their brand seen by hundreds, to thousands of eyes a weekend can boost sponsorships’ bottom line. Using Ninja Stitch your sponsorship logos will be stylish, concise, and legible to everyone who lays eyes on your team.

Easily identify all of your team’s gear when traveling by air. Stitching up your team’s travel bags to create a unique custom look allows your team’s bag to stand out from the crowd. Ninjastitch offers a variety of services in graphic design, screenprint, patches, heat press, specialty embroidery, large format printing and promotional. It’s literally a one stop shop for all of your sports teams needs. Check them out today.